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Al's Fitness Page

Personal Training certification - American College of Sports Medicine
Personal Training certification - National Academy of Sports Medicine
Functional Strength Coach certification - Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning
 Advanced certifications in:
  • Corrective Exericse,
  • Performance Enhancement,
  • Sports Nutrition,
  • Senior Fitness
Phone number at VASA in Cedar City Utah: 435-867-5077
Babyboomers in Denial


Jack LaLanne at 95


Getting older


Dana Torres at 40+

Balance Training

Working out

    Weekly workout - what do you really have to do?


Special Interest articles

Breast Cancer, Thyroid

Insulin and Exercise
Hypertension and Exercise
Exercise and Epilepsy
Loosing Weight

Physical Activity Guidelines - ACSM

Quantity and Quality of Exercise Apparently Healthy Adults
Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults
Physical Activity and Bone Health
Exercise and Hypertension
Physical activity and public health
Exercise for Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

Doing the numbers

SELF Nutrition Data
Compendium of Physical Activities

Al's Stuff

Al's Fitness Calculations
Metabolism assessment
Exercise selection

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