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glass brain   Credit to:
  The Neuroscape Lab at UCSF, The Glass Brain

Worked part-time as a personal trainer for VASA Fitness (~5 years) and Gold's Gym (~5 years) to develop training plans using cardio, resistance, balance, stretching, and core techniques appropriate to the client.
Trained > 5000 sessions.
I'm returning to personal training due to my experience with Brain Training. Need to spread the word.

As a trainer, I worked on all aspects of fitness with clients of all ages, primarily novice seniors and any clients with various medical conditions. Mature and senior clients >60 years. My oldest client was an 89 yo lady.

Training experience with:

  • Medical conditions: Diabetes II, Cardiovascular Disease (high BP, post-cardio rehab, a-fib, low-MET), MS, Parkinson's Disease, Fibromyalgia, blind, above-the-knee Amputation, Spinal injuries affecting the lower body, Low Back syndrome, n-Stage Kidney Disease
  • Post-Rehab: Shoulder, ACL, Knee and Hip replacement surgery,
  • Off-beat conditions: Vasovagal syncope, corrected cerebral Aneurysm (coil).
Developing skills in Brain Training to promote/preserve cognition in senior citizens through exercise.

Wrote 5 books that detail exercise protocols for use by trainers: Balance Exercise Protocols, Osteoporosis and Osteopenia Exercise Protocols, Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus Exercise Protocols, Senior Fitness Exercise Protocols, Hypertension and Dyslipidemia (available on Amazon).

In a previous life, I worked for International Business Machines (IBM) for about 34 years at virtually every technical level of software product development and technical documentation: systems, middle-ware, and applications programming; web mastering and back-office web support; highly technical writing (user guides and references manuals) and less technical writing (user support and help). I've recently had fun designing/implementing a web business for my brother.

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